For those who are looking for new MMORPG titles to play, Albion Online from Sandbox Interactive in Germany has just been released to the public about one month ago in July and has been receiving mixed feelings based on its interesting concept leading many to either fall in love or walk away. Regardless, Albion Online is slowly gaining its place in the MMO community with its unique emphasis on crafting and PVP in the open world sandbox while also claiming its spot as the “first true cross-platform MMO”. With its unique twist to the concept of MMO’s, Albion Online is a game sure to look out for and track progress for.

In terms of the crafting, Albion Online is more dependent on the individual to provide the gear and items found in the game. You gather and hunt materials from monsters and the provided environment where you bring back the following to home base and craft to your needs. Crafting itself in the game has a mastery level where the more you do and try makes you better craftsmen. An example would be if you constantly make a certain item of a certain tier level, soon you gain mastery over that craft and unlock a wider arrangement items to craft in a higher tier level. Players can also enjoy being able to craft anything available in the game provided that they have mastery craftsmanship over whatever it is desired to make.

Beyond mastery in crafting, Albion Online as a whole uses this “mastery concept” for most of its aspects of the game. The progression of mastery can be found on the progression board where players track their progress towards a specific job or field they are in. Taking the combat system for example, when a character in Albion Online kills enough enemies repeatedly, players gain mastery in fighting that provides more damage dealt by the player to weaker enemies progressively. The combat mechanics are styled as an ARPG that can draw comparisons to games such as Diablo or Path of Exile.

Adding on to its uniqueness, Albion Online offers no specific class system and rather, the player chooses his/her class by the weapons and items the player decides to equip. This also means classes can be mixed with an infinite number of options crafting any number of possibilities opening up more customization to a variety of playstyles. Once again, as long as mastery of creating items and weapons for a certain class are met, players can truly be whatever they want whenever they want.

With the community and social system well implemented into the game that are also well built and being improved upon, anyone should give Albion Online a try and fall in love with its simplistic yet attractive design that offers the imagination of any player to be tested in this sandbox.