The world of MMO games is amazing, always updating and expanding it sure leaves us wanting more, some of us are always searching for a new experience, wanting to play something new and original. From time to time you end up playing these Browser MMORPG’s, and this time we’re talking about one of these “no download needed” game, we’re talking about Divine Storm.

Even though you may have never heard about it, Divine Storm is a great example at what this “browser-gaming” experience and what it has to offer. Being a free to play game developed by Infiplay found ourselves in a massive quest to eliminate evil, and we do so by fighting enemies with any of the three playable classes.

Fighting monsters and going through dungeons is what makes these games exciting, of course, however we found out that the customization level on this game is also pretty good. With tons of armors, weapons, relics, artifacts, and objects, you’ll find that the correct preparation for each battle plays a vital role in this game. Customizing your hero helps you fight better, giving strength and better moves.

divine storm

Another aspect where this game shines up is the visual aspect. We get to enjoy some awesome art design. Customizing and fighting is top most important. However, the color and graphics of this game really are great, especially since you do not have to download anything, you just play directly in your browser, it’s pretty good.

One of the main things to keep in mind also has to be the gameplay. At first sight, the screen may look a little odd or if you’re new to the genre it could be intimidating. As it has many options and actions available, but do not worry about this, if you’ve played any MMOORPG before you’ll quickly understand everything, and if you’re totally new to this kind of games you can still learn and comprehend these menus and controls in no time. A very simple combat and intuitive controls will make the experience in this game even better. Interactions with the world are also top notch in this game. The NPC’s will help you out throughout your adventure to become the strongest.

Another interesting aspect of the game are the incentives it has for daily gamers. Granting you rewards just by login in every day. You just connect and get a reward. This helps out a lot if you like to play but don’t really have much time each day, as you do not have to really complete any task in order to get rewarded!

In general terms, Divine Storm is a must play for anyone looking for a new online experience, or simply looking to get into browser MMORPG’s. Maybe you don’t have a really powerful computer but still want to play a very fun game with hours and hours of entertainment available! We highly recommend you check it out, however, in the end it’s up to you, enjoy playing g what you want.