WEBZEN through their official WEBZEN Facebook page have announced that the game is now scheduled to enter the beta stage in November 7, 2017.

As a producer, Pierre Vandenbroucke wrote on their facebook page. “We really love our game, and our entire team has worked hard to make the world of Legend MU as good as possible, with this in mind, we prefer to continue our commitment to quality, not the swiftness of the remaining development work, which the risk of watering the entire playing experience will be offered Legend MU We are committed to this “November” announcement, and we will make every effort necessary to bring OBT to the players at that time. ”

This game tells about the endless war between the Rugard and the Sekneum representing divine light and the god of destruction.

When the acne is defeated by acneria who is the supreme god, he then borrows the human body as a way to return to the world.

But Kundun restores the Sekneum back to his own body, ending his cycle and delivering it peacefully.