Trove Review

Trove is a game that seeks to combine the MMORPG elements from games like World of Warcraft, with sandbox gameplay similar to Minecraft. The concept of the game is intriguing. The game features a crafting and building system that is quite like Minecraft’s. Also, players can build there ‘cornerstones’, which are player designed homes. Other players can visit these structures but are not allowed to destroy them. The interaction with other players that the game provides is also a fun element of the gameplay.

Although the game starts with a cutscene, the story is not very fleshed out and leaves a lot to be desired. The game, instead, focuses on loot collection and exploration. The game has a voxel based graphic design that is quite pleasant to look at. The game features procedurally generated levels. Early in the game, the worlds are wonderful to experience. Gaining new loot to improve your character’s damage output or resistance can be a wonderful feeling. However, over time, this can get repetitive and it feels tiring to play in similar world multiple times.

As the game provides a choice between 14 combat classes, there is plenty of variety in the combat. The various abilities possessed by different classes can be used in strategic and creative ways. The game encourages the use of multiple classes and switching between them according to the situation. The combat system is not very complicated and can be picked up easily. One of the problems with Trove is that it does not reward exploration enough and has little depth. While the first few hours can be an absolute blast, the variety of bosses and loot dwindles as you reach higher levels.

A new addition to the game is the Battle Arena, which is multiplayer PvP game mode. This allows players to go head to head with each other. Ten players can test their skills in the Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag game modes. Players can compete in the Battle Arena for a chance to win rewards such as battle experience and battle boxes. Some of the loot available in the PvP mode is exclusive and cannot be obtained elsewhere.

The game is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Mac systems. It is a free to play game, which is actually quite enjoyable without spending any money. Most of the store items are cosmetic and the game can be easily played without them. For a few hours of fun, Trove is definitely something I can recommend. Yet, for all its attractive features, it does not have enough content to keep players interested for extended periods of time.